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Chatel Piste Map

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Ski addicts want it all!

More precisely they’re looking for the biggest and best ski area in the whole wide world, typified by steep bump runs, endless powder, hidden valleys, jumps and exciting snow parks. Seeking out the cutest swiss-chocolate box mountain restaurants is not on their priority list but it might rank highly with their beginner or intermediate pals who love the long lunches, varied cuisine on both sides of the border, and feel inspired by the confidence giving motor-way runs and the ever-changing views.

La Corniche

What they both agree upon is where they want to stay. No contest it has to be Ski Diamond’s apartment La Corniche. When you think about the big outdoor hot-tub, the two bedrooms both en-suite, the fully equipped kitchen, the stunning –and we mean breathtaking- view of the Mont Grange nature reserve opposite, topped off by pretty alpine woodwork and comfy leather sofas you understand where they’re coming from.

Check out the rest of the site to see that La Corniche has lots more to offer, winter or summer, and is amazing value.